Hi guys,
This is not an ACP issue but I need some advice please. Twice now my Windows 10 control PC has decided to update/reboot in the middle of the night while I the telescope was observing and I was asleep.

Luckily both times the weather was good. If it got bad during the night we could easily get rained on. We have all the systems in place to stop that but they all rely on the the control PC running. Is there a way to completely stop it rebooting in the middle of the night?

I can see the 'active hours' feature, but this only allows 12 hours which is not enough for long winter nights. I've set it from 10pm to 10am now as I'll catch any reboots at the start of the night.

I am so ****ed off with this, we could lose a serious amount of money in hardware because of an update. A perfect compromise would be for them to hold the updates until I reboot the PC that way I have control over when they are applied. Not even Apple just automatically update your device (they constantly annoy you until you do it). Help