I got a surprise last night - a couple of my PCs auto-upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Edition version 1607. I thought I had taken sufficient measures to prevent this, but I guess some interim update re-enabled.

A couple of bits of advice:
- check your device manager for uninstalled/non-working devices. The update WON'T tell you if there is a problem, YOU have to look for issues.
- I use a Logitech F710 Game Pad with EQMOD, and it is not installed properly now, so have to solve that.
- check your serial ports. On the observatory PC, it re-enabled serial port enumeration and also added a microsoft serial mouse as a result. So, I had to go disable the serial mouse and turn off serial enumeration. I think it updated the serial port drivers, and this was a side effect. Of course, this problem prevented some observatory equipment to work. It took 2 minutes to fix. You might want to get the latest FTDIchip driver while you are at it 2.12.18.
- Another machine, it disabled the USB3.0 ports. You might want to use the Intel Driver Checker utility, and get the latest of everything on your machine in advance of this upgrade.
- Power management - power management was turned on for a USB3.0 host controller (xCHI). I suspect this is because it updated the driver. Had to turn this off again. The other USB root hubs were fine, with power management disabled.
- Non-working programs. I have no idea how it decides what is not allowed and what it disables. No apps were affected on the observatory PC.
- Live Tiles - they seem to be back. i had disabled these, and uninstalled stuff like Candy Crush, yet there it is again, post upgrade.

I figure 30 minutes of cleanup is needed post-upgrade. Maybe you can add your comments in case there is anything else I missed.
Frustrating waste of time, but figured I might save you some trouble.