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    Default OMG, The scheduler logs

    I am on I10 near Palm Springs as I go help pack up an observatory telescope for the VC at Kitt Peak. So since I was a passager, I FINALLY decided to look at the scheduler engine logs and WOW!!!!! They tell the story behind the scenery for the night run soooooooo well. I saw some ideas I might add to the spread sheet but right now these are amazing information. So sometime when you have some free time if you have not looked that these, you should. Yeah it took me 2 years but now I am hooked. I plan to make a task to copy these to the OneDrive Cloud so I can view the goodies up close and easily.
    Dean Salman
    Deep Sky Remote Observatory

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    Are you referring to the engine log or the run-detail logs and the Excel analyzer tool? I think you mean the run-detail logs etc. Yes you REALLY see what happened. For those who are curious, here's a set of Run Detail Analyzer plots for the 2004 Messier Marathon as simulated by the original scheduler. The algorithms have been improved for the less busy case (like rising plan delay) but this will show you how it dealt with the MM. Click on the images for full size
    -- Bob



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