Does anyone reading this use MIRA AL for photometry? Photometry - time series in particular - is what I spend my time doing. The MiRA sales people tell me that here 30 day test version doesn't work on Windows 10 (they say their production version does - go figure) I've read thru the online documentation and have several questions. The MIRA sales person won't or is unable to answer my questions sent as an email. General question: If you use MIRA, what is your overall impression of the product? Of the support offered? Do you run it under Windows 10?

A couple of specific questions about photometry: The documentation leads me to believe that the data for standard stars and check must be entered for each run! There is no indication that the entered data is available for the next nights run. Also, there is no place on the standard data entry form for indicating what filter data is being entered for. If this is the case I assume the filter designation is being taken from the fits header of the image - a further indication that the data is not stored in a data base. For me this is a show stopper as I may be doing a dozen or more stars each night. Also, even the best mount will have a bit of drift in a time sequence. I can find no way of indicating how much the image should be searched for the target star centroid.