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    Default **Failed to start the exposure

    This is from the log from one of last nights image attempts. I've got about 140 of these last nights on failed attempts and I don't think ACP had anything to do with this. Funny thing is the very first two images came down without issue and then the rest of the night was all failures. I'm guessing, for lack of a better idea, that MaxIm is behind this failure but don't know where to look. I connected to the observatory this morning, powered the camera and connected in MaxIm alone without issue. Took several Bias frames and they were fine. Does anyone have any ideas what can cause "**Failed to start the exposure" to occur? After the first target imaged, two 30 minute ha images, Scheduler went through the rest of the possible targets and each failed with this same routine and message at the end of the log:

    05:14:30 Switching from Ha to Luminance filter for pointing exposure
    05:14:30 Focus change of 2 steps required
    05:14:31 (taking 30 sec. exposure, Luminance filter, binning = 4)
    05:15:14 **Pointing update error from MaxIm.CCDCamera:
    **Failed to start the exposure
    05:15:14 (long exp, no orbital tracking, trying to autoguide)
    05:15:14 Switching from Luminance to Red filter for imaging
    05:15:14 Focus change of -5 steps required
    05:15:15 (take guider image at initial interval 5 sec)
    05:15:15 **Script Error (Tracking has been stopped)**
    05:15:16 Source: MaxIm DL 5
    05:15:16 Message: Cannot Start Guider
    05:15:16 Location: line 1709 column 5.
    ACP console log closed 28-Aug-2016 05:15:23 UTC

    Full log attached.


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