Hi Bob,

Just trying to work out the device requirements for our school observatory.

It will have two robotic mounts both running ACP Scheduler. Each PC/mount will have 3 devices connected to AC power and 3 connected to DC power.

I was planning on using Digital Loggers Universal Input Smart Power Switch for AC and a Digital Loggers Smart DC Power Switch for DC. Each of these switches have 8 outlets.

Would I be able to have two PCs, each running ACP, talking to both switches simultaneously to power on and off items as required? I am presuming this would be done with scripts. Does each switch have its own IP and the script call on the specific outlet at that IP to turn on/off? Would two PCs be able to access the IP simultaneously? Scripting is a whole new language for me, so please excuse me if I'm on the wrong track here.

(I'm hoping to avoid adding another set of switches to the budget...)


David T