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    Default Pinpoint 5/6 issue


    I have used Pinpoint 5 for years with no issues. However, lately I downloaded pinpoint 6 and installed it. Well tonight at midnight, when I checked how an automated run was going, I saw the window that my trial had expired. This threw an error and basically caused my automation software to crash.

    Anyways, I then went ahead and reinstalled pinpoint 5 and now I can't get it to launch properly. I just keep getting the " Pinpoint 5 has stopped working" error when I launch visual pinpoint. Similarly, in CCDAP5 if I have pinpoint selected as the plate solve software, CCDAP stops working when I click "link to software". If I remove pinpoint from the list of software everything works as it should, but I can't plate solve. I've uninstalled pinpoint 5 and reinstalled it and reregistered it and still get the same error.

    As for pinpoint 6, if I click on the installer it tells me my trial period is over would I like to purchase a years worth of support. If I click yes it takes me to a broken webpage. I know I can buy it from the website, but I'm not sure whats going.

    Any suggestions? I'm dead in the water without this software.

    I'm running Windows 7, MaximDL 6.13. Attached is a screenshot of the error.


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