Hi there,

I am now running quite smoothly in my eval period, ACP is running quite well as Scheduler is, too. I upgraded to FocusMax4 and it went smoothly. One last thing I'd like to do - and am sure that one way or another it is doable - would be to make a pre-sort of the frames depending on their FWHM.
The idea behind is the following: Right now I am saving the files (with Scheduler) with this naming:

Which is fine. However, I'd like to make a further categorization depending on the final FWHM of the image, like:


with $FWHM being a few "steps" of quality, like:

This way, I would have the frames already sorted by quality. Now, I could do that in a separate script after aquisition, however ACP is already calculating the FWHM value. Where can I add to the logic of setting the directory, is there anything in UserActions?