i want to run more than one scope/mount/pier under a single ROR observatory. the scopes have to be parked for the roof to open and close (my setup has interlocks so the roof motor has no power to move unless all scopes are all parked). at the moment, it's only two scopes but i have room for a third.

each scope has it's own computer, power, etc.

i would like to have a master roof and "safe state" indicator so i can operate each scope safely without creating conflicts between different instances of ACP trying to control the roof. i suspect what i want is similar to what is described for SRO (under weather control in the user guide).

please advise how i can make that happen. i am not a programmer, but am willing to pay for help to get this working. it is not a commercial endeavor; just my personal observatory with more than one scope i want to be able to run.