happy for you, but you're already very prolific, so we can expect even more!

I'm on 20 acres, 10 of which are maples, surrounded by thousands of acres of farm land, so no neighbours with lights! I'll post photographs when I'm done. Thankfully my closest neighbour farmer has a 115 HP tractor with forks that has a 16 foot reach so lifting the two parts of the observatory and the mount onto two hay wagons along 30 miles of country road and back together at the new place was 'relatively' easy, 8 hours in all. At 12'6" across, it took the provincial road's whole lane and then some. I'm extending the concrete pier up into the dome this weekend, and reinstalling all the electronics, electricals and mechanicals as well. It takes upward of 4 months to get it all right ready for ACP, at least that's when you have a full time job - wish I was retired!

The building on its hay wagons having arrived below;

Observatory on the move1.jpg