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  1. Default "taking 30 sec. exposure, binning = 2" uses wrong camera field size


    ACP 8.0 (Build 6, Version 8.0 Service Release 1)
    Maxim DL V. 6.11
    SBIG ST-4000 XCM camera

    This has happened consistently lately. Even rebooted computer
    to try to solve the problem.

    Running attached script (NGC6543.txt) under AcquireImages.js.
    Log file (20160605@041212.log) is attached.

    At beginning of run
    Maxim DL shows camera "Subframe" with "On" checked, "Mouse" unchecked and
    the frame size as "X: 0 Y: 0 W:1024 H:1024." Would be good if it stayed that way...

    Unfortunately, when we get to the "Updating pointing..." place, we see, in Maxim DL,
    that the frame size suddenly changes to "X: 118 Y: 118 W:787 H:787"! A frame is taken
    using those parameters. (After taking an image, the frame size suddenly
    returns to "X: 0 Y: 0 W:1024 H:1024.") But ACP tries to do the plate solve on the image
    that was taken with the wrong image size and fails. It then does a
    second attempt which also fails. It then attempts an all-sky plate solve which
    is successful.

    This was all working a few days ago of course. "I didn't change anything" -- That's
    what users of MY software always tell me. :-)

    What could possibly convince the system to use 118 and 787? Does not seem to
    be anything I can directly influence. Those numbers do not ring any bells. Something
    in ACP or Maxim DL momentarily thinks Bin 2 corresponds to those numbers.
    Where would those numbers be stored or how would they be generated?

    I modified my ACP script last night to eliminate autofocus. I autofocused
    before running the script. Also chilled in advance to eliminate other possible
    problems. I just checked ACP Preferences. Don't see any problems...

    If I abort my ACP script then restore tracking then use Maxim DL to take a bin 2 image then Pinpoint
    Astrometry immediately solves the plate. Works well with a "true bin 2 image." It definitely
    does not like the 118x787 images though. :-)

    Any ideas?


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